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International Shipping Delays

Due to ongoing global shipping route disruptions (limited flights and carriers), many international shipments face extreme delays.

See FAQ.

Handcrafted in the US since 2008


Thirteen Years of Special Effects

Since 2008, FuzzHugger Effects has handmade thousands of visually and sonically inspiring pedals for musicians around the world.

In that time, word-of-mouth has been my advertising. Unusual, hand-painted, custom (and often fuzzy) effects have been my specialty.

Handmade in Pennsylvania, USA—every step, from drilling to finishing to wiring, is done in-house. 


Guaranteed to work, with responsive, prompt warranty service. If you have a question or problem, you can email the person who built it.

After eleven years of selling both direct and through dealers, FuzzHugger is currently direct-only. This keeps prices (and my stress levels) down, and keeps me in touch with users.

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