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Deluxe Clear Finish (as pictured).

Four essential controls from the newest Algal Bloom, focusing on the circuit's thick, high-gain, yet chord-friendly fuzz tones. Ditches the Gain knob and the on-board Highs control.


Controls: Volt/Power, Thick, Push, Level

FuzzHugger Algal Bloom 4k (Graphic, Deluxe Finish)

  • • 2.7 x 3.7 aluminum enclosure

    • Requires 9v - 18v DC, center-negative adapter (not included). No batteries.

    • Endless, transferrable warranty, free parts and labor on repairs.

  • • Push: Boosts and drives, increasing overdrive, sustain, brightness, nastiness.

    • Thick: Sets your overall hotness and thickness. (Scratches when adjusted.)

    • Voltage: Full-voltage when right—anywhere between 9v and 18, depending on what you feed it—and reducing voltage as you turn it down, relaxing gain levels and response. Down to just a few volts full-left.

    • Level: Volume

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