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Seven knob Algal Bloom.

Deluxe Finish.

**Cosmetic Sale:** Clear coat has some small imperfections, a few small bubbles under surface of clear coat. (See pictures.)


Drive knob boosts, adding gain, sustain, and brightness. Drive is more aggressive on higher-gain settings, nastier, then compressed and splattery tones. Drive is more subtle onlower-gain settings, increasing brightness and response/attack.


The Algal Bloom Modified starts with FuzzHugger's classic chord-friendly, overdriven fuzz, and enhances its best qualities: Dial in more gain and thickness than ever before. Slightly higher-fi, with lower overall noise levels, and a touch more sustain. The Headroom knob improves on the pedal's chord-friendliness, delivering extra clarity and definition as you turn right, shifting to a hot-yet-clear, less clipped tone. Great for cleaning up the tone, and for lower tunings and bass. Accepts 9 - 18v, with Voltage knob to reduce voltage and relax gain and response.

FuzzHugger Algal Bloom Modified 7k (Graphic, Deluxe Finish)

$199.00 Regular Price
$184.00Sale Price
  • • Headroom: Reduces clipping and opens up as you turn right, shifting to a hot-yet-clear tone with more clarity and definition.
    • Gain: Cleans up and slims fuzz.
    • Bias: Sets your overall hotness and thickness—from lower gain to higher gain than ever before! (Scratches when adjusted.)
    • Voltage: Full-voltage when right—anywhere between 9v and 18, depending on what you feed it—and reducing voltage as you turn it down, relaxing gain levels and response. Down to just a few volts full-left.
    • Highs: Smooths to dampens highs activity
    • Level: Volume

  • 3.7 x 4.7 aluminum enclosure
    Top-mounted jacks
    Requires 9v - 18v DC, center-negative adapter (not included). No batteries.
    Endless, transferrable warranty, free parts and labor on repairs.

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