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Generates a wide-range of overdriven fuzz and distortions. Rich, thick, clipped, yet surprisingly chord-friendly. Shapable and voiced with more lows than the Algal Bloom. Holds together and retains clarity with lower tunings (guitar, baritone, or bass).

9v - 18v adapter-only (center-negative).

FuzzHugger Doom Bloom fuzz (Graphic, no added finish)

  • • 3.7 x 4.7 aluminum enclosure.
    • Top-mounted jacks.
    • Requires 9v - 18v DC, center-negative adapter (not included). No batteries.
    • Endless, transferrable warranty, free parts and labor on repairs.

  • • Push: Cascades extra gain into the main stage, increasing drive, brightness, & nastiness (the last turn going compressed and splatty). On lower-gain settings, Push is more subtle, but adds extra drive, brightness, and responsiveness.
    • Thick: Adjusts overall gain, thickness, overdrive, and sustain.
    • Highs: Smooths to dampens highs activity; most highs to the right.
    • Lows: Increases lows as you turn right.
    • Headroom: Reduces clipping and opens up as you turn right, adding clarity & definition, letting your guitar shine through. Higher headroom is also excellent for chords & low tuning.
    • Level: Volume.
    — Thick changes voltage levels, making a scratching sound as the components adjust.. If you twist Thick quickly, you may hear a quiet whoosh sound, or a split-second lag before the knob’s effect kicks in.
    — The Doom Bloom’s controls interact with each other, and Voltage-altering controls (like Thick) can especially affect the range or character of other controls.

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