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Two Pair (4) bridge-centering stabilizer thimble sleeves for Jazzmaster™*/Jaguar™* - USA and Squier™*

Black Nylon! Made in the USA.
Keeps the bridge centered, allows slight flex. Improves tuning stability. 

For USA / vintage-spec body thimbles, including American Original, American Professional II / Panorama Jazzmaster. Also many Squier JM/Jags. (These do NOT fit MIM body thimbles.)


Important Note on fit: Due to Fender thimble tolerances varying slightly, I have run into a few recent "vintage spec" Fenders where one or both body thimbles are slightly undersized, and may be a tight fit for the nylon some cases, you may need to sand the nylon slightly.

American Fender

• These DO fit most American Pro I, American Vintage, and American Original series body thimbles.

• These DO fit Pro II, Panorama Jag/JM bridge posts and body thimbles.
• These do NOT fit Johnny Marr bridge posts.
• These DO fit into Johnny Marr body thimbles.

MIM Fender
• These DO fit MIM Jag/JM bridge posts, BUT do NOT fit into the smaller MIM Jag/JM body thimbles (Player series, Vintera series, Classic Series 60s Lacquer).

• These DO fit Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster bridge posts and body thimbles. 

Fender Japan
• These DO fit MIJ 60s Jazzmaster Traditional RI bridge posts and body thimbles. (By customer report.)
• These do NOT fit onto Japan Mustang bridge posts.


* These are trademarks of Fender/FMIC, and FuzzHugger has no association with Fender or any of their products or trademarks, including Jazzmaster and Jaguar.

Three Pair: bridge-centering stabilizers for Jazzmaster/Jaguar, in black

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