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Tone Pros GKH330 / TPHV set

20:1 ratio, nickel with butterscotch keystone buttons.

Drop-in replacement for full-size 102 Rotomatic tuners (common on Gibsons and many other guitars). Mint.

Our model #GKH330 utilizes “Best of Both Worlds” styling while retaining the same platform as the other tuners in this series. GKH330 features vintage “Butterscotch” keystone buttons along with our vintage post design and includes our 20:1 high precision gear ratio. GKH330 is also “Drop In” ready for quick installation on most guitars without modification. Available in Chrome, Nickel, Gold, and Black finishes.

TonePros GKH330-N, 20:1 ratio, Nickel, Drop-in for Rotomatic 102. GKH330 / TPHV

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