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Deluxe Clear Finish
SALE: Small imperfection in clear coat.


Surprise! The Upper is available for the first time in 5+ years. (Just a small batch of custom builds; there's no plan to return to standard production.)


The Upper is a modified Green Ringer*, a vintage analog octave-up effect. It's cleanish but gritty, and clangy, with ring-mod-like artifacts. It especially shines when stacked with dirt, creating an excited boosty tone, as certain frequencies are doubled, and notes slash through the mix. 


Like the original, there's no Vol knob (the output vol matches input vol). But the Upper adds three controls for getting the most out of what is historically a no-knob pedal:
• Frequency: A knob for reducing highs, as frequency-doubling can be bright and ear-fatiguing, as some high-frequncies are doubled).
• Sustain: Simply reduces sustain, allowing for gated or pop-in notes. This can be used when stacking with other fuzz to get some 8-bit-like tones, and/or broken/dying pedal or amp tones. (Control works normally when the Bias is set to "biased." When the Bias is adjust left...then, adjust Sustain left! When adjusting, you may notice a soft click sound when sustain reaches "full," at hard left setting).

• Bias: Lets you dial in the strongest octave effect around 12-noon, where the pedal is biased like the vintage Ringer. When you go off-bias, you still get some excited frequencies, but more overdrivey textures (or dial in some harsh fuzz). 


- The octave-up is especially strong above the 12th fret and using the neck pickup.
- When Biased for the strongest octave effect, the Upper prefers single-notes to chords (which get scrambly).
There is a slight scratching sound as circuit adjusts voltage. This is normal.)

* FuzzHugger does not own the name "Green Ringer," which may be a trademark of Dan Armstrong Effects, an unaffiliated company.

FuzzHugger Upper frequency doubler / octave up

$145.00 Regular Price
$133.00Sale Price
  • • 9v DC power only; no battery.

    • Lifetime transferrable warranty.

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