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Deluxe finish.

Note: this pedal has an uncensored naughty word on it.


The long-whispered-about, long-delayed Frequency Fucker is finally unleashed! Now that half of you are gone, let's talk about what's going on here. Clearly not for the faint of heart (or ear), the FF generates dirty harmonics of your input signal—via frequency doubling, tripling, and sextupling—exciting and texturizing your tone, (either subtly, or) with the subtlety of a flamethrower.Most players will be primarily stacking and blending the FF with dirt and fuzz. Punishing and unforgiving on its own, it can spice up even the blandest of overdrives, and make fuzz facemelting. Want to supercharge your solos? Douse your tone with gas and ignite it with a downed powerline? Sometimes more really IS more. Solos cut (really, blast) through the mix—you'll never get lost in mush.Brash, yet musical. The Mix knob lets you rein things in, and mix the effect with other effects.

FuzzHugger Frequency Fu**** (Graphic, Deluxe Finish)

  • • Gain: From some to lots!

    • Filter: Tames highs and shapes the signal fed into the harmonifiers.

    • Mix: Left for full effect, Center for 50-50, Right for input (un-effected) signal.

    • Level: Master volume.

    • Mode Toggle:
    Center is Full F'd. Down downshifts the F'd for a more controlled facemelting. ("Only" frequency tripling.) Up provides vintage octave up elements, and a milder but still juiced and excited tone.

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