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Deluxe Clear Finish. Space Graphic, no skull.


Thick, rich, high-gain overdriven fuzz. Thunderous lows. Designed to hold together and retain clarity with lower tunings (guitar, baritone, or bass).

FuzzHugger Doom Bloom fuzz (Graphic, Deluxe finish)

  • • Push boosts and drives, increasing overdrive, sustain, brightness, nastiness.

    • Headroom lowers clipping, letting more of your guitar shine clear through the fuzz, and increasing note separation.

    • Low shapes fuzz and shifts a huge amount of lows in/out of your sound...but leaves your highs in tact.

    • High smooths, filters, and dampens clipping in the highs.

    • Thick adjusts hotness, gain, and overdrive, with massive boosting power. Slight scratch as transistor biases in real-time.

    • Level

  • • 3.7 x 4.7 aluminum enclosure.
    • Top-mounted jacks.
    • Requires 9v - 18v DC, center-negative adapter (not included). No batteries.
    • Endless, transferrable warranty, free parts and labor on repairs.

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