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Limited 7-knob. Deluxe Clear Finish. SALE: some minor imperfections in clear coat.

Thick, harmonically rich, high-gain, flexible, overdriven fuzz with thunderous lows...designed to be chord-friendly and retain clarity even with lower tunings (guitar, baritone, or bass).


I made two 7-knob Doom Blooms for testing / fun. While it's an extra-versatile tweaker, it will be custom-order-only going forward. The standard 6-knob now has the Push knob instead of the Volt knob. This 7k has both the Push and Volt* knob.


Controls: Voltage, Push, Thick, Highs, Lows, Headroom, Level.

* Volt lets you starve voltage, lowering gain and thickness, and relaxing response. If you want a Doom Bloom with all the range of the standard, but with some extra tweakability and the ability to go lower gain. It adjusts between 3v and 9v (or up to 18v, though I prefer 9v-12v)

FuzzHugger Doom Bloom 7k fuzz (Graphic, Deluxe finish) SALE

$199.00 Regular Price
$187.00Sale Price
  • • Voltage: Full-voltage when right (9v, or up to 18v), and starved when full-left (3v, or up to 6v), relaxing gain, tightness, and response. Slight scratch sound as components adjust to the voltage change.​​​​​​​
    • Push increases overdrive, brightness, and nastiness. With other controls set to lower-gain territory, Push more subtly increases responsiveness, sustain, and brightness.
    • Thick adds beefy mass and gain. Slight scratch sound as components adjust to the voltage change.
    • Headroom increases as you turn right, letting more of your guitar shine through and increasing note separation. When in the pedal's highest-gain range, Head delivers some brassy leads.
    • Body shapes fuzz and shifts a huge amount of lows in/out of your sound...but leaves your highs in tact.
    • High smooths, filters, and dampens clipping in the highs.
    • Level adjusts output.

  • • 3.7 x 4.7 aluminum enclosure.
    • Top-mounted jacks.
    • Requires 9v - 18v DC, center-negative adapter (not included). No batteries.
    • Endless, transferrable warranty, free parts and labor on repairs.

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