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Pre-Order: ships in 4-6 weeks

• Deluxe Clear Finish.

• Extra-rare artwork inspired by guitar and banjo headstocks produced by Bacon & Day in the 1930s, complete with glass rhinestones. Small red LED.

*** NOTE: Control Set Change! ***

This batch of Algal Blooms will feature the Push knob instead of Gain (which was an input gain control, and can be similarly replicated with your guitar's Vol knob).

You can get into lots of lower gain territory with the Voltage and expanded Thick knob.

• Highs • Push • Thick • Voltage • Clip/Head • Level.

The Algal Bloom Modified starts with FuzzHugger's classic chord-friendly, overdriven fuzz, and enhances its best qualities: Dial in more gain and thickness than ever before. Slightly higher-fi, with lower overall noise levels, and a touch more sustain. The Headroom knob improves on the pedal's chord-friendliness, delivering extra clarity and definition as you turn right, shifting to a hot-yet-clear, less clipped tone. Great for cleaning up the tone, and for lower tunings and bass.

Accepts 9 - 18v, with Voltage knob to reduce voltage and relax gain and response.

Pre-Order: FuzzHugger Algal Bloom Modified (Graphic, Deluxe Finish)