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Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster

Mocha Burst.

Beautiful metallic sparkle, sculpted heel.

• Includes body, mint (may have very minor evidence of factory and handling swirls).

• Includes contour neck plate. (You'll need shorter neck screws, not included.)

• Includes chrome Fender football jack plate.

• Includes nylon bridge stabilizer bushings (choose white or black, or one set of each).

Neck pocket fits standard Jazzmaster or Strat neck, though you'd have to drill one hole and fill another. If you want to avoid filling an exposed hole, use a Fender neck with the "contour" heel screw pattern (Ultra, Pro II, for example), or use a custom neck where you drill your own holes.

Note: Due to slight tolerance variables, pairing a Fender neck and body sometimes requires slight sanding of the sides of the neck pocket.

Ships to USA only.

Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster body, hardware

$469.00 Regular Price
$459.00Sale Price
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