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Deluxe Finish.

FuzzHugger's newest fuzz for bass guitar! Low gain, shapable, blendable fuzz. Shape your fuzz with the Q control, Filter, and Gain knobs, then blend it with your clean tone—or blend it with out-of-phase cleans for extra thick tone.

FuzzHugger Euphonia Bass Fuzz (Graphic, Deluxe Finish)

  • • Attack: Q control for Filter, changing how sharp it is. Effect varies with filter amount.

    • Gain: Exactly.

    • Filter: Tone control that shapes fuzz.

    • Mix: Center is “no mix.” Left is “out of phase.” Right is “normal mix.”

    • Out: Output level / volume.

  • • 3.7 x 4.7 aluminum enclosure

    • Top-mounted jacks

    • Requires 9v - 18v DC, center-negative adapter (not included). No batteries.

    • Lifetime free parts and labor on repairs. See FAQ for full warranty statement.

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