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Pair of Bridge Stabilizer Thimble Sleeves

Fits American Professional II / Panorama Jazzmaster that use bridge post / thimble sleeves.

These are taller than the sleeves Fender uses, and fit perfectly.

Nylon. Made in the US.

Notes on fit:
• These DO fit Pro II, Panorama Jag/JM bridge posts and body thimbles. Perfect fit.
• These DO fit most American Pro I, American Vintage, and American Original series body thimbles. ***Due to Fender thimble tolerances varying slightly, I have run into a few recent "original spec" thimbles where one or both are slightly undersized, and may be a tight fit for the some cases, you may need to sand nylon slightly.***

• These do NOT fit onto Japan Mustang bridge.
• These DO fit MIM Jag/JM bridge posts.
• These do NOT fit into the smaller MIM Jag/JM body thimbles (Player series, Vintera series, Classic Series 60s Lacquer).
• These do NOT fit Johnny Marr or TVL bridge posts.
• These DO fit tightly into Johnny Marr body thimbles—tolerance of the body thimbles is so close, they will either fit tight, or in some cases you may need to sand the nylon bushing posts slightly to fit.


FuzzHugger has no association with Fender or any of their products or trademarks, including Jazzmaster and Jaguar.

Bridge stabilizers for Jazzmaster/Jaguar

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