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Advanced Plating Inc. (API), made in US.

Nickel Pinnacle Tune-O-Matic bridge, aluminum, with notched zinc saddles. Includes two 2.5mm locking posts.


Hey, it's a locking bridge that clamps down, with more surface contact, rather than just relying on set-screws on the side.

Info from API:

The Pinnacle locking system allows for maximum contact between the bridge and posts. Providing additional sustain and accentuates string attack. As with any locking bridge system, when you change the strings, the bridge stays place. The Pinnacle has a counter-bore (concave radius) on the bridge base top and bottom side of the mounting holes. The bridge posts/thumbwheels and caps have a matching convex radius. By mating the two radii, they make complete contact even when the bridge is not set up perfectly flat, as none ever are.

Model 1217-23N

FuzzHugger is not a dealer for API.

Advanced Plating (USA) Pinnacle Locking Nashville Tune-O-Matic Bridge 1217-23N

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