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Gibson J-100 Xtra

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1995. Sitka spruce top, mahogany back, sides, and neck.

Take a J-200, but give it mahogany back and sides (instead of maple), and more understated / standard aesthetics. Jumbo tone with the extra warmth, dryness, and sustain of mahogany.

Big, deep, wide, warm tone! Thumpy bass and sky-high headroom. Exceptional tone.

Condition: See all photos, as they speak for themselves. I've photographed it at its most and least flattering.

Has been thoroughly played, gigged, loved and maintained. Below is a painstakingly detailed overview of the cosmetic and structural condition.

• Lots of blemishes, dings, finish crazing, and wear, as expected of a 28-year-old player.

• Good neck angle and saddle room.

• Frets have been leveled, some fret wear, as pictured.

• Original Gibson Deluxe tuners work great (Gibson branded, made by Grover).

• No electronics. Original undersaddle was removed for tonal reasons; removable endpin plug fills the 1/2" jack hole.

• No pickguard installed, but if you'd like one, I can cut a real celluloid pickguard from old-stock colors and some wear and aging that will look age-appropriate. Just apply 3M adhesive sheet and install.

Structural Concerns:

• Stable, no changes or problems occurring in the past couple years.

• Very slight small gap/seam on one edge of bridge (pictured), no changes in this area over the last year+.

• Pictures show slight dip in one area of the top—waist-area, bass-side (and corresponding hairline finish, or possibly hairline wood crack, though I've seen no changes or spreading). This dip may have been caused by fluctuating temperatures during gigging, causing slight slippage of x-brace in this area. Though visual inspection doesn't show a loose x-brace here, this kind of slight slippage doesn't always show.) Would benefit from regluing and clamping under the x-brace in this area.

Completed Repairs:

• It likely has had a neck reset at some point, as there's good saddle room and possible evidence of refinishing at neck joint.

• Repaired crack along bass side of fretboard / soundhole, cleated in two places, stable.

• Back brace reglued.

• Hairline crack on back, cleated, stable.

• Filled small tight hairline crack in thin moustache area of the bridge, caused by falling capo striking bridge.


• Original bridge pins (they're walnut or rosewood), plastic pins installed.

• Original deluxe case with arched top and arched back. In great structural shape with age, wear, and tear on tolex.

Gibson J-100 Xtra 1995 jumbo mahogany, spruce, SJ

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