• Level, Attack, Squelch, and Volt controls.
• Professionally printed circuit board designed by
• Gem button LED.
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v - tip adapter power.
• Enclosure measures 4.37" X 3.37"
• Lifetime warranty!
Designed by Mellowtone, licensed to FuzzHugger(fx)!

Snarly, searing triple silicon fuzz with Level, Attack, Squelch, and Volt controls. Traditional
crunchy fuzz tones, overdrive and distortion, synthy textures, oscillating motorboating, dying
Atari sounds, glitching arpeggiation, pseudo sitar tones, and more!

The FuzzHugger(fx) Wolf Computer was created working closely with Mellowtone (from
designing the new PCB, to offering input on the layout and graphics).
Sound Clip
Crunchy glitch, pitch shifting, and sustaining abilities.
Sound Clip
Motorboating, oscillation, glitch Atari.
Sound Clip
Low gain, prettier sounds. Works up to some
overdrives and more at the end. A quick burst of
oscillation half-way through to show just how quickly
you can get crazy-and-then-back.
>>>Click here to listen!<<<
(Fender Jazz w/passive pickups, into a Bass Pod
on the Hiway 200 model setting.)
By Jeremy Withers from The Inclined!
Sound Clips (Guitar)
Sound Clip (Bass)
Older Wolf Computer Videos!
Rather than tack on $10 and include a crappy adapter,
we'd rather save you the money so you can get a good
adapter! We recommend the One Spot!
Read the full case against batteries here.
(Courtesy Dano at Beavis Audio!)
Sold out 4/16/10!
Out of production.
The Mellowtone Wolf Computer is also out of production.
Check online auctions and forums for used WCs.
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