The entire Phantom Arcade circuit packed in a 2.37" wide enclosure! YES!
Featuring the Phantom Arcade's two most dramatic knobs, and toggle-switchable modes
five modes!

The Pocket Arcade is a master of octaves (up and down!), glitching, heavily filtered tones,
weird (but especially usable) ring mod tones, and a wide range of fuzzes! It is THE videogame
sounds pedal...yet it features an amazing amount of useful and usable tones...marvelously
diverse fun!
Generates an incredibly wide range of unique-but-usable tones. Cleanish octave up,
unstable/crazy ring mod like tones, funky semi-clean tones, fat and nasty octave down, glitching,
phantom octave tones (subtle, disappearing and reappearing octaves), fuzzed out ring modulator
tones, and blistering octave up fuzz! (So many tones it takes a run-on sentence to cover them!)

Interactive and versatile, the Pocket Arcade delivers uniquely wild tones with a range that goes far
beyond your average guitar pedal.

1) Hi-Ring (Toggle)
Cleanish, odd octave up, especially strong above 12th fret, with ring mod artifacts. Hi-Score knob
for trimming highs, or sucking em all out.

2) Lo-Glitch (Toggle)
Crazy octave down, glitch, intense/broken ring mod tones. (Blend out intensity with your guitar's
Tone knob).

3) Oct-Up Fuzz (Hi-Ring + Lo-Glitch Toggles)
Octave up fuzz, Hi-Score knob for trimming highs and making it smoother/darker.

4) Oscillating Lo-Glitch (Lo-Glitch Toggle + Turbo Toggle)
Adds some extra weirdness and oscillation to the Lo-Glitch mode. Level and Turbo knobs.

5) Turbo Mode (Hi-Ring + Lo-Glitch + Turbo Toggles)
Insanity! High gain filtered oscillating fuzz, glitches, drones, and more! Highly interactive and
indescribably nutty fun!
Hi-Score, Turbo, and Level knobs.

• Best placed first (or at least early) in your effects chain, with no buffered bypass in front of it or
active pickups. (This is for Mode Two, which functions on impedance--the better your signal, the
more dramatic the tones!) For the most extreme tones, make sure your Tone control is turned
all the way up!
FuzzHugger(fx) Pocket Arcade
• Gem button LED and flashing blue LED.
• True-bypass switching.
(No batteries.)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure (3.7" x 2.37")
• Handmade in the USA.
Sold Out.
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