Equal parts mysterious and ghastly, the Phantom Octave is a shape-shifting octave fuzz

No controls? They're not necessary--they're at your fingertips! The Phantom Octave is
extremely interactive with your pickup selection, picking intensity, and your guitar's Tone
control. Like its namesake, the octave will disappear with picking intensity and by rolling back
your guitar's Tone control. Octave effect is strongest with low-output single coil pickups.

With the flip of your pickup selector and your picking technique, you'll find huge octave downs,
glitchy ring mod-ish tones, and even be able to bang out some simple chords! Set the
intensity of the effect by using your guitar's Tone control as a Blend. Roll your guitar's Tone
control all the way back, and you've got a chord-friendly fuzz!

The Phantom Octave is a very strange pedal compared to most octave fuzzes...in some
ways, it's more stable...in many ways, glitchier. It'll sound different with each set (and
combination) of pickups. Some pickup selections will produce more exciting results than
others. On most guitars, the Tone knob allows you to blend out the intensity of the octave
and glitch.
Easier to master and jam on (which is not to call this beast stable, but)--for
example, you'll be able to get away with some bends and power chords! You'll quickly get
used to the sensitivity of the pedal and what different playing techniques and settings will

Output: Controls the output level of the Phantom Octave!
• Interacts strongly with your
pickup selection (and playing technique). A guitar with a three-
way selector means three settings!
Your Guitar's Tone knob will blend out effect intensity. When blended out, you get a nice
smooth fuzz tone!

• Must be used with passive magnetic pickups (standard guitar and bass pickups), and be
placed first/early in your effects chain.
• Hand-made in the US.
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v negative tip adapter power (No batteries.)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure (4.37" x 2.37")
• Warranty: Lifetime
Phantom Octave vs. Phantom Arcade...
The Phantom Arcade's 2nd mode (left footswitch) is based
around the Phantom Octave. Much of the rest of the Phantom
Arcade is based around other circuits interacting with the
Phantom Octave.
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