The AB-Synth Supreme!
The AB-Synth Supreme has every control that can be thrown at the
It starts with the
current AB-Synth, and adds three knobs:

· Gain - (This knob was the added knob on the AB-Synth 5k)
A Master Gain control to clean up the fuzz. It also can partially gate
out oscillation.
· Text - (This knob was included on AB-Synth v1 and 1.5)
This knob lowers voltage to the circuit, providing unique gain
reduction and raising the pitch of oscillation in Trip mode.
· Osc - (Originally included on AB-Synth v1 as the original Trip knob)
This knob is active in oscillation mode only. It changes the character
of the oscillation.

Enclosure is 3.7" x 4.7"
New AB-Synth Supreme!

The AB-Synth Dream is a custom combo.
It's the full AB-Synth Supreme with a separately
footswitchable 2-knob glitchy/octavy Phantom fuzz
that pairs really nicely with the AB-Synth.

In place of the Text knob, the Dream has a diode
switcher toggle for the AB-Synth.

Available in very limited numbers...I can build 4 to 5
a year.

Enclosure is 7.23" x 4.7".
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