The original Great Wall prototype!
(Extra toggle for prototyping/testing purposes.)
Elements graphics--a wall of water and wind!
Custom finish 5-knob Great Wall!
Digital Blue graphics!
(Custom finished w/ brushed finish, brown sides)
Berlin graphics!
Inspired by graffiti on the Berlin Wall.
Custom Great Wall - Berlin Faces!
Art from the Berlin Wall.
Dlx. Great Wall
Toggle, 2 footswitches!
China graphics!
One of two standard Great Wall graphics!
5 knob Great Wall in digital blue!
Custom Great Wall Dlx.
White with black burst, featuring the pioneer of
the wall of sound recording technique!
4-knob GW version of left graphic.
Great Wall v2
Graphics by Ben Nerison!
The new Great Wall - 2010.
Painted by Ben Nerison.
The last standard Great Walls, 2010 and 2011
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The Special Effects Gallery is an archive of special, one-of-a-kind, and
and-painted pedals that have passed through FuzzHugger's doors.
Special Effects Gallery - FuzzHugger(fx)
The Special Effects Gallery features early FuzzHugger pedals (until 2010). To see
custom finishes from recent years, head to our
Facebook page!