The Special Effects Gallery is an archive of special, one-of-a-kind, and
and-painted pedals that have passed through FuzzHugger's doors.
The AB-SYNTH Prototype.
A little too in-your-face, but it was a start!
Small enclosure AB-Synth! Green
crinkle finish with silver foil anise
and fennel (two herbs used in the
production of absinthe).
The first "xs" ever built is AB-SYNTH
The First Standard AB-SYNTH.
The first standard AB-SYNTH is #2.
The First Black AB-SYNTH.
The first standard black AB-Synth is #8.
Hammered Gold with brown anise and fennel
(herbs used in the production of absinthe).
Custom Finished AB-Synth
Slate Blue top, subtle burst, textured
finish...very nice! Reminds me of those old
Adamas guitars.
The First Dual Switch AB-Synth!
AB-Synth #016 was the first Dual Switch
AB-S, reassigning the toggle control to a
second footswitch for fast, hands-fee
Special Effects Gallery - FuzzHugger(fx)
Custom AB-Synth
Weathered black, red, and aluminum finish...yes,
it really is blurry--like you're not quite in your right
mind when you're looking at it!
The Third Dual Switch AB-Synth!
The first custom finished dual-fs AB-Synth.
XS AB-Synth!
Limited Edition AB-Synth - Paint Splatter Grip Tape!
Part of a series of Limited Edition Paint Splatter grip tape AB-Synths! No two alike, different
patters and colors on each one (pink, green, blue, and yellow)!
Standard Silver
Chalice with synth knobs and a cable
coming out of the side. Switches labeled
Mr. Fuzz and Dr. Chong! :)
Custom Master AB-Synth!
Custom-build AB-Synth with added "Master
Gain/Oscillation" control and a third footswitch for
voice/bass selection in standard or oscillation mode.
Custom AB-Synth XS
AB-Synth Page One!
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Custom Finished AB-Synth xs
Hard to capture in a picture, but very cool: brown-to-gold burst, antiqued look
with a textured gloss finish. All in an xs enclosure!
The Special Effects Gallery features early FuzzHugger pedals (until 2010). To see
custom finishes from recent years, head to our
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