Licensed from Mellowtone
Snarly, crunchy triple silicon
fuzz...from traditional to oscillating
Wolf Computer
Production ended: Spring 2010
Production ended: Spring 2009
Production ended: Fall 2009
Backs off to growly fuzz textures
tweaks, this circuit evolved into the
AB-Synth's fuzz mode!
1134 Fuzz
Licenced from Devi Ever
Three knob Dark Boost with added
Voltage control. Dark fat dirty boost
to overdrive pedal.
Dark Boost
Discontinued Models
Production ended: Jan. 2009
Two switchable clean boost stages
with a switchable true-bypass loop
in between! Single boost, dual
boost, pedal awakener, loop, etc!
Hugger - dual boost loop
Production ended: Fall 2009
Limited-run, small batches of tiny,
hand-painted true-bypass loop
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Early FuzzHugger pedals (2008 through 2010) can be viewed here:
Early Algal Bloom Gallery
Early AB-Synth Gallery
Early Great Wall Gallery
Huge octave downs, glitchy ring
mod tones, and fuzz! All lurking
inside the Phantom Octave!
Interactive and insane!
Phantom Octave
Production ended: Fall 2010
FuzzHugger's signature high gain
fuzz! Start with the AB-Synth's fuzz
mode and add a full Gain control!
2010 Limited Run!
Production ended: Fall 2010
The Great Wall generates a huge wall of fuzz
with impressive bass response! Two modes
and surprising versatility. A unique alternative
to all those muff clones, the Great Wall gets
both freakier and cleaner!
Great Wall
Production ended: Spring 2011
tones! Cleanish octave up and ring
glitch fuzz ring modulator, and
blistering octave up fuzz!
Phantom Ring
Production ended: Winter 2011
A full five-knob AB-Synth with Voice Toggle, AND an
independently switchable Phantom Octave in front of it!
Use the two separately or together, with or without
oscillation. An incredible amount of mind-bending tones!
AB-Synth Dream v1
Production ended: 2010
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FuzzHugger Photo Archive
Many custom & hand-painted pedals have passed through FuzzHugger's doors.
Magic Meter
Boost, gain, overdrive, EQ!  Master
your tone with two tweakable gain
to overdrive stages, active EQ for
boosting and cutting, and a
toggleable frequency multiplier.
Production ended: 2015
Lab Ratchet
From insanely gained-up, sustaining,
FuzzHuggery to a crushed,
degraded fuzz, and variable
sustain...a captain of crunch!
Limited Run!
Production ended: 2015
Pocket Arcade
The entire Phantom Arcade packed in a
2.37" wide enclosure! Featuring the
Phantom Arcade's two most dramatic
marvelously diverse fun!
Production ended: 2015
4-stage phasing with 4 knobs to
take you from subtle & sweet to fat
& chewy...funky jets and
spaceships will take you to new
depths of sonic wonder!
Production ended: 2015
Smooth, choppy, to syncopated!
Production ended: 2015