My pedal demos can be found on FH product pages and at the FuzzHugger YouTube channel!
Use the side arrows and mouse-over to scroll through videos.
All pedal demos are recorded into a clean 3/5 watt tube amp. The amp is mic'd with a pencil condenser, and recorded onto a Tascam digital recorder.

The guitar used for all pre-2012 demos is a Fender American Deluxe Stratosonic. It's great for demos because of its combination of Fender and Gibson specs. It's got the traditionally
Gibson 24.75 scale length, the Fender bolt-on maple neck (with rosewood fretboard), and a chambered mahogany body. It's got single-coil P-90 pickups (often run with both on for
hum-cancelling operation). So you don't get the typical Fender-angle or Gibson-angle tone, but more of a cross between both.
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