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The Warbler is a 100% analog, BBD-based vibrato designed to retain your natural tone, while adding the warmth
that only analog delay chips deliver. Most vibratos on the market are either the univibe type or chorus and phaser
pedals that simply allow you to remove the dry signal from the equation, thus offering vibrato as a bonus feature or
afterthought...the Warbler was designed as a dedicated vibrato pedal, with high-quality tone and versatility: from
clean and smooth to dark and gritty, from
so-subtle-you-can-barely-tell-it's-on to massive, lurching pitch warps.

• Super wide delay time range, allowing slower rates of modulation; most vibrato pedals are only audible at very
fast sweeps (but you bet it can go fast and weird too! Or subtle if that's more your thing).
• Little or no audible lag from what you play to what you hear (~6.4mS max delay length).
• Sine Wave LFO to produce a pleasing natural sweep.
Bright and clear to as dark and filtered as you like, with the Hi-Cut control which varies the filtering from ~12kHz to
• Switchable germanium 'Grit' circuitry to add a smooth vintage dirt to the sound that brings to mind the sound of a
dusty old tape or record needle.
• Companding circuitry to keep noise levels to a minimum.
• The all important level control so you can match the pedal to your bypass level from a slight boost to dead silent.
• True Bypass switching.
Electric Orchard - Warbler Vibrato
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