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FuzzHugger Effects are hand-crafted, every step of the way, in a one-man shop in the US, using the best-available components.
Hand-drilled, hand-finished, hand-painted, hand-assembled,, one at a time, by Tom Dalton. Warrantied for life.
Available in very limited quantities.
Contact Tom for custom options!
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New FuzzHugger in stock in Deutschland!
New FuzzHugger stock is at in Germany!
Algal Bloom, Suneater, AB-Synth, Velcrobot,
available now in very small
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FuzzHugger in stock at Coast Sonic
Psyched. FuzzHugger is in stock at Coast Sonic!
Algal Bloom, AB-Synth, Suneater, Arcade, and an exclusive Velcrobot!
They'll also have the PhaseHugger in stock 1st week of Dec.
FuzzHugger in stock in Denmark!
Limited FuzzHugger stock at Pro Guitar Shop!
Very lock stock numbers, and tax-refunds are coming!
Get one while you can!
NEW (and used!) stock in the More Pedals section!
Last Doom Bloom pre-order slots for 2015 are up and selling out!
Guaranteed to arrive before Christmas / Solstice.